My elder son have not concentrated his studies or any work before. He was getting problem, After this course lot of difference We found, he became a best in the course and .......
– Naveen Kumar


not concentrated his studies or any work before. He was getting problem, After this course lot of difference We found, he became a best in
– Sravan Kumar,


I am Swati from Pune. I am an Authorized Franchisee of ICMAS Abacus Program and run Abacus Brain Academy in Bavdhan area. I have done M.Com. (Merit) and B.Ed. (Distinction) back in 1999. I am team player by nature with organized process oriented approach to work and a positive attitude. I am always willing to go that extra mile to achieve excellence. I was a teacher for a while in my hometown before marriage. I moved to Pune in 2002. I worked about 5 years in a manufacturing and an IT company handling Finance, Facilities and HR functions. I took a break from the corporate sector owing to personal and health reasons. Getting back to corporate world after few years of gap was proving difficult and I too had lost interest in going through the same routine every day. My heart was not in to it. It had been my desire to start something of my own, and something that involved working with children. My association with ICMAS started in December 2013 as a Certified Abacus Course instructor and an Authorized Franchisee in Pune. I started my venture, Abacus Brain Academy, 18 months ago. I got to know about ICMAS Abacus and its franchisee program through an article in Newspaper. I was very impressed with the concept and the kind of structured and systematic method of teaching mathematics to kids in a very creative and interesting manner. Now I have the support of ICMAS network and I am enjoying the freedom to be on my own terms. The fun learning within a structured curriculum in ICMAS impresses the parents and students alike. Working with children and doing something for them is a unique experience of my life. I am thoroughly enjoying teaching and handling the little ones. Apart from imparting Abacus knowledge I also regularly try to teach kids other life skills. For example, during each class students are encouraged to talk about certain topics such as healthy eating habits, good manners, etc. On the occasion of Children’s Day last year I focused on the life skill of ‘financial literacy’. I presented each student with a piggy bank and in conjunction crafted an email and sent to the students’ parents providing them various ideas and inputs to make their children financially literate. I truly believe that all children must be educated in such important life skills. This whole experience of running my own Abacus Academy has boosted my self-confidence and self-image. Most of the parents also notice a visible improvement in their child’s cognitive skills, behavior and academic results within few weeks of their kid joining ICMAS Abacus program. The positive feedback from the parents makes me doubly charged and aim higher! ICMAS helps to develops child's creative intelligence, it helps to make them smarter, and they deserve to live a greater life. I am happy to be a part of ICMAS family
– Ms. Swati Wadhone

Course Instructor,Pune

Hi everyone, Myself Mrs. Surekha Ganesh Mamidwar, presently conducting ICMAS abacus & easy math classes at Akurdi, Pune with 35 students. My journey with icmas started 6 years back through a newspaper adds. I joined as a franchise first. I have no words to tell how ICMAS supported me when I was suffering through worst days of my life. ICMAS gave an opportunity to start my own classes with a very less amount and you won’t believe I have earned much more than of my investment. But more than that it gave me lots of confidence and respect from the parents, taught me how to teach students while playing with beads only. All this support and motivation of ICMAS encouraged me to join as a distributor in 2011. After that I made a network of 12 franchises with the support of Ujjwal sir. Earning & confidence increased day by day while working as distributor. The most important thing is that this could happen only because of great support of our state manager Mr. Ujjwal sir. Thanks a lot sir for your regular support and motivation. He always inspired us saying “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it “Also I would like to thank our MD Mr. Prasad sir and the entire team for giving me a chance to be a part of ICMAS. "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me" Now working with ICMAS is not my duty it’s my hobby.
– Ms. Surekha Mamidwar

CI & Distributor, Pune

Thanks to a wonderful Jyoti teacher for teaching ABACUS. Tarushi has really developed in her Math calculation by your innovative methods. I am really lucky to find teacher like you. At age of 5 yrs, Tarushi has completed her 2 levels of super junior Abacus that because of your teaching method. Thanks again and do keep such classes in near future too. ALL THE BEST!!!
– Mamata Paul

Parent , Kalina Mumbai

I would like to thank you specially for training my daughter, Chahat Chandna, during her summer vacations. This ICMAS combiart course was very uniquely designed course and i hae never ever seen any art trainer teaching these concepts. It really gave a good exposure to my daughter to different colouring techniques and also enhanced her imaginative power. Chahat has been learning drawing since age of 4 yrs. Compared to 4 yrs training she had I think she gained and enjoyed most in this 15 days course. She loves to use them wherever she can and in fact people have started noticing her drawing and also complimenting her which itself is a very big achievement for her.
– Sweta chandna,

Parent , Kalina Mumbai

I worked for 5 years in an MNC after completing my post graduation in science. I had to quit my job to take care of my child. Then, I got associated with ICMAS as a franchisee for abacus course. ICMAS team has been giving me good support in running the centre. The course is designed in such a way that children enjoy and learn a lot. I feel very happy when my students get confidence and do well in maths. I received positive responses from parents that their children are doing well in maths in school also. It is a pleasure to be associated with ICMAS since 3 years and look forward to many more years.
– Ms. Manorama R.,

Course Instructor, ICMAS, Bangalore


Course Instructor, ICMAS, Cuttack, Orissa

I am Jyoti Gidwani from Mumbai. I have been associated with ICMAS for more than two years. It has been a very fulfilling journey .Having seen development in many countries I always felt if we have to grow as a nation then we have to work on our kids because all kids have great potential, if guided properly they can do wonders. I got this wonderful opportunity to be associated with ICMAS and do my part even if it is like a drop in an ocean. Abacus was one such avenue to work with kids. It has been a great experience working with Mr Ujjwal. I was looking for a right anchor, guide and right subject matter to take up as a profession or free lancing. The support I have received has been of immense value. The hand holding in initial stages gave me a lot of confidence to take off. Mr. Ujjwal has shown lot of patience and is a great guide and has down to earth approach and makes complex subject very easy to digest. With Abacus methodology my daughter who is under five is able to do 3-5 single digit additions /subtractions mentally. I believe whole brain education is very important for overall development. Thanks to ICMAS for all the wonderful support and guidance.
– Ms. Jyoti Gidwani

Course Instructor, Kalina, Mumbai

“My daughter, Sachi, is learning Abacus since a year. We found it very useful and interesting method of teaching. Along with the program other tasks like discussions, social skills education and games are really appreciated. Students get lots of practice by solving papers apart from sums from books. I wish you to continue the same and contribute towards developing bright students.”
– Parent of Sachi


“Ms.Swati Wadhone, you are any parents dream teacher, who lifts, carries, pushes, loves and nurtures a child's virtues just as much his/her weaknesses. Best wishes to you and to Abacus Brain Academy.”
– Parent of Rohan


“Ms.Swati Wadhone, is very hardworking towards her students, sincere and capable to handle various types of students. Abacus technique is good, easy and very useful. Good Luck!”
– Parent of Sanika


Dear Jyoti Madam, Course Instructor, ICMAS, Thank you so much for ICMAS vedic math classes, Riya has learnt easy tricks of maths, she is confident enough to do big calculations and responsible enough to do her work on time.
– Catherine Bhor

Parent of Riya, Kalina, Mumbai

I am Aarti Liman, from Pune. Its been 10 years I am working with ICMAS Abacus. I had started my career in ICMAS as a Teacher ( with one Franchise ), and now I am Teacher trainer and have multiple franchises. and many teachers are working all over pune and near by cities trained by me. ICMAS Abacus is no more restricted for the Urban area, even semi-rural and rural area are now facilitated by Abacus. Many females are earning good for their living. ICMAS has supported and generated employment for independent housewives. And I am really grateful for the enduring support i got from the ICMAS. We always get help for the management and Marketing activities for everything, from getting students to organizing a State level championship. We have also organised state level and Inter-state level championship of Abacus in pune under observation of Mr. Ujwal Panda Sir. In past 10 years many students have graduated from my class, many have won trophy, Many became teacher. Even I have changed in this 10 years journy with ICMAS. A simple Housewife to a District level Teacher. while teaching abacus it has also enhanced my skills and lifestyle. I would Like to give my sincere gratitude towards ICMAS Brain Study Pvt. Ltd.


I have come across to the ICMAS Website almost four years before. We Contact to the direct no given over there to enquire about the franchise, we got very useful information along with the local representative/Distributor of ICMAS Franchise for more information. Mrs. Aarti Limhan Madam helps us very much from the every corner in the starting from Set up to Marketing of our center. From ICMAS also we are getting small tips time to time abut the same. It was very enriching experience from start – up to today. The State Level Championship is also very helpful for all the students. This Championship boost students very much to keep alive there competitive spirit in this world. Beginning with only two students today I have around 25 students in my center located at Wadgaon Bk. Pune. I am very happy and hopeful to grow with ICMAS Family by which I can enlighten the life’s of future Indian Generation…………..
– Kshipra Vinay Shaligram

Course Instructor,Wadgaon Bk. Pune

I like Abacus because it is a simple process of Maths and improvement in mental exercise. I know about Abacus and without Abacus maths would be difficult. It has many ways to count. It is simple to use abacus.
– Swara p Sonje

- Swara p Sonje, Student, Nashik

The ICMAS Abacus class is really very good. I am saying this because I can see the improvement in my child. Now she is able to do same additions without any paper & pencil. And one more thing I realized that there is no mental pressure on the child. Whatever she is doing she is enjoying. Thanks a lot to all the teachers and teaching in a very easy manner.
– Himanshe Shrivastava

- Himanshe Shrivastava, Parent, Pune

Good and excellent planning of ICMAS Abacus and Easy Maths exam. We should conduct this championship at district/regional level, so we will get more response and rural area students can participate in this exam too. This exam gives motivational support and courage to students.Best of Luck to ICMAS for spreading abacus and easymath education to all students in India
– Ashvini Sanjay Deokar

Course Instructor, ICMAS, Sillod

With the help of ICMAS abacus my child has improved in maths and also taking interest in Abacus. My child waits everyday for Saturday because he likes Abacus classes very much. In our family we all love abacus. Any digit if you give my child can do fast calculations and I like this very much.
– Babasaheb Vantamutte

Parent, Pune

Good progress in maths studies, after my son joined in ICMAS. Teaching skills , class atmosphere and more credit goes to Madam Manorama, wonderful teaching method and takes care of each and every student, until hand over to their parents after finishing class. Also I suggested to my friends to join their kids in ICMAS. Mrs.Francina. Koramangala Bangalore
– Mrs.Francina

Parent,Koramangala Bangalore

I would like to thank manorama ma'am and ICMAS for sharing their knowledge and experience with my son, Ayush from past one and half years. He's able to do mathematical calculations quickly and easily and also enjoys learning and practicing abacus. It has improved his concentration and his ability to solve mentally. I am extremely happy with his progress and teacher's interest and encouragement showed to him during every level. Thank you. Anupama Abhinand (Ayush, 7 years)
– Anupama Abhinand

Parent of Ayush, Koramangala Bangalore

My kids hv a special inclination towards Maths. Numbers is their thing. As soon as they hv anything to do with numbers, they get excited. They can spend hours at a stretch working on maths. That's the reason I thought I should make them learn abacus. To boost their interest, to push them more towards that they can marvel in it. And with icmas I see their maths improving even more. In their school, both my boys, are always the first ones in their class to finish maths work. And let me tell you they do it much before the others.... The quick calculation concept on abacus has helped to gain confidence in solving their sums in a much easier way... In short, I wud say, abacus is a way to go to do good maths. Nidhi Daga Koramangla Bangalore
– Nidhi Daga

Parent,Koramangala Bangalore

Shravanth had improved a lot in multiplication. His addition got easier. He used to have confusion in reverse counting that also improved. Over all saw a good improvement Shilpashree Koramangala Bangalore
– Shilpashree

Parent,Koramangala Bangalore

Hi.,I am K. Madhavi Bhavani, ABACUS Course Instructor of "ICMAS". I am a house wife, until, I have joined in ICMAS in 2009. Being a house wife, earning was a dream for me. After joining here, I started earning and became an independent woman, and I feel so happy about it. I started teaching only with 2 students in 2009. But, within a year, 2 students became 20 students. And now, In reach 40 students. I have explored a new side of me. Spending my free time, teaching small children and educating them. Being at home, brings me so much pleasure. This transformation of me as a Person is the best part of my life. Because many times, I regretted about wasting my studies, sitting at home. But after becoming an ICMAS abacus trainer, that was gone. So, I am very thankful to ICMAS for giving me such a great opportunity. -K. Madhavi Bhavani,Course Instructor,ICMAS ABACUS,Rajahmundry.
– K. Madhavi Bhabani


“This testimonial goes to Pooja Mahajan. She has been teaching ICMAS Abacus to my daughter from last 6 months. Because of Pooja my daughter has cleared 2 levels of Abacus with A+. Pooja is a dedicated teacher. She pays attention to each and every student in her class. She is ready to help kids in clearing their doubts at any point of time. Heartfelt thanks to an amazing teacher. Pooja keep up the good work you are doing. Keep shining.”
– Asma Sameer

Mother of Maheno, ICMAS WAKAD CENTER

“A well-organized abacus institute by Ms. Pooja in Akshay Tower encouraged many kids love and interest towards maths. She is very well knowledgeable and smart teacher, who takes responsibility very well. My both kids have joined ICMAS abacus and now they do math very quickly and also started loving math.”
– Ms. Mamta

Mother of Ojas & Devansh, ICMAS WAKAD CENTER

“My child is in ICMAS super Jr level 2. I found difference in his mental calculation also abacus enhances his learning skills. This program from ICMAS is really helpful for his academic. His teacher (Pooja) guides & support him to do well. I am delighted; she gives attention to each child.”

Mother of Vedant, ICMAS WAKAD CENTER

I, Swati Wadhone, am associated with ICMAS since 2014 as a franchisee for ABACUS Course. My journey has been wonderful with ICMAS team. I have received good support and motivation to run my Abacus Brain Academy.It's been a pleasure to work with Ujjwal Sir. Teaching Abacus is great venture of creating awareness about brain development and creating interest in maths with a very simple method in a fun way. ICMAS designed course specially for Super Junior is very user friendly, creative and easy to understand. Abacus course encourages to spark students enthusiasm. Teaching kids is always been a unique experience for me every year. Students have enjoyed learning new techniques of Abacus, and students enthusiasm boost my confidence. Happy to share that students got great learning experience in summer short duration courses introduced by ICMAS (1-Minute Challenge & Tables making upto 999) tricks and technique were used by them in entrance exam too. ICMAS is playing a big role in nurturing and enhancing talent of children. I am happy to be a part of the ICMAS and would like to render my service and gratitude towards ICMAS. Special Thanks to Ujjwal Sir for his continuous support and encouragement. ~Swati Wadhone, ICMAS Abacus Instructor, Abacus Brain Academy, Pune
– Swati Wadhone

ICMAS Abacus Instructor, Abacus Brain Academy, Pune

In my daughter's words, "I love ICMAS Abacus because Swati teacher makes it’s so easy and we friends have lots of fun"She is eager and looking forward to ICMAS Abacus class and that speaks a lot. One day when my daughter who is in 2nd meet her friend who is in 10th, I asked her what's the difference? She replied instantly, 8. She explained, in 10s Compliment, 8 is a friend of 2. I got a glimpse of practical implementation of Abcus that day.
– Sayali Rahalkar

Mother of Raadha , Abacus brain academy, Pune

As we were very interested in getting a mental arithmetic international franchise in our country, ICMAS was the best program we could find. It is very well developed and their team is professional and effective. It didn't take us long to decide that we wanted them to be our partners and we have no regrets about it after 2 years of partnership. Best of luck to ICMAS team
– Ms. Houria

Master Franchisee, Morocco

ICMAS helps in improvement of concentration, memory and overall development of the brain. It makes a child alert while solving a problem in his/ her studies,hence reducing the chances of committing errors and making him/her a more confident person.
– Ms. Rashmi Rekha

Course Instructor, ICMAS, Berhampur, Orissa

I started my journey of abacus in ICMAS when I was of 10 years old. My teacher Mrs Bharati Sukhija helped me a lot with abacus techniques to devlop my speed in solving math problems.She is very kind & motivates us every time.I won threet trophies of 2nd prize in ICMAS District level championship at Nashik with the blessings of my parents.I completed my Jr level & started my senior level in ICMAS. ICMAS abacus helped me in many ways, such as cometative exams in schools & in day today calculations. Thank you Teacher & ICMAS for my over all development
– Manas Shasikant Sonawane

ICMAS Student of Ms. Bharati Sukhija,, Nashik

Since the inception of Meerut Abacus Academy in 2014 the institution is a franchise of ICMAS. We are proud to state that the Company (Abacus Brain Study (P) Ltd.) has helped our institution to achieve great heights in teaching Abacus to the children of our institution The children of our institution have outperformed in National and International Abacus competitions. The amount of technical support and co-ordination we got from ICMAS team is highly appreciable and as a result the children enjoy studying Abacus in our institution. The course content is very well designed as per the age group of the children. Abacus learning would not have been so easy if ICMAS had kept a very high tuition fee which would have lead to a great expense for the parents making it unaffordable. To further Enhance Abacus learning ICMAS periodically organizes a competition to motivate children who are learning Abacus and rewarding them with awards as per their performance. All put together in a nut shell I would say as on owner of Meerut Abacus Academy that ICMAS has a passion to spread Abacus education all across the globe. They have also helped us to earn good profits and reputation in the society.
– Mrs. Kamini Mukherjee

CI-Meerut, ICMAS

I like to express my deep appreciation to ICMAS abacus and easy maths programs. I was able to witness the great outcome of this two fantastic programs with thousands of children at the international championship competition which was held in Delhi in December 2017. It was amazing to see Icmas students were ready to overcome any math challenge within few seconds. I highly appreciate the service provided by Icmas to this society. I highly recommend Icmas abacus and easy maths courses for every student.
– Ms. Shukra Safi


I am very happy to be a part of ICMAS.Initially I used to be a course instructor. Later I became the distributor. I didn't assume that I could handle this responsibility perfectly. But with the help of heads of our company like M.D Prasad sir and Srinivas sir, I stand here successfully. I learned a lot of business techniques and how to dealwith people with different mindsets and attitudes. I am very glad to saythat I am able to educate many children and turn them into brilliant students. I feel very proud as it was a special gift to teach children a different subject which is very interesting. This has created a special importance in my social status too I feel very happy with these achievements. This made me know my capacityand worth. This helped me to improve our financial position. I had a group of 15 teachers who are the strength and backbone of my development.
– Ms. B. Shanti

Distributor/CI, Rajahmundry

ICMAS changed my life. I am independent only because of ICMAS Abacus. Abacus is really a fabulous challenge for me. When i started Abacus, i was very nervous but now i am good in every difficult calculation. As a housewife i can say, Abacus is a best activity to gain knowledge and also to earn money. Now i am teaching 50 students in a batch and gaining lots of knowledge day by day. And at last every want to thanks every person who supported me very much. Thank-you ,
– Ms. Monika Garg

CI, Saharanpur

We can't deny the fact that most of the children and even adults don't like to study maths as they don't feel confident while doing it and get irritated easily, but ICMAS is giving them the opportunity to eradicate this weakness of theirs and also it provided me the opportunity to educate children and help them to get rid of this weakness. I'm really obliged for being the part of ICMAS family.
– Ms. Urmila Kohli


Neil's ICMAS abacus journey has been a joy ride for him especially because of Swati teacher. He really looks forward to every Saturday for his Abacus class. Swati makes learning so enjoyable that I have seen all kids learning the fun way in her class. She definitely makes it a point to give personal attention to each and every kid. Her patience and smiling face are the key qualities that make her student’s favorite teacher.
– Kavita Sawant

Mother of Neil (State Champion), Pune

“I, Mrs. Pooja Mahajan, having a degree of BTech in Information Technology with an experience of working in a Reputed Company for 5 years took a break when my son was 1 year old and went abroad with my husband. After staying in UK for nearly 4 years, I realized that going back to IT will not be my cup of tea due to long working hours and deadlines. I want to live for my family and for my son, I want to raise my kid in my way, by being there for him always. But as I was brought up in a motivated environment, I always have a desire to work and do something for my own self.After a gap of almost 6 years in career my husband suggested me to enquire about ICMAS, all thanks to him as it was his vision which helped me to pursue this and I can even think of becoming a teacher, and I started my career as A Course Instructor in Aug 2017.I started my first batch with 4 kids and now in less than 1 year I'm teaching 30 kids, at my own place and according to my timings, now I work also and can look after my family too. My students and their parents have been a motivating factor for me throughout my journey so far.Thanks to my husband Gaurav and son Ayaan for always being supportive in every possible way.Also, a big thanks ICMAS team for always being there and helping me throughout. The State Level Championship was a great learning experience for me and also a good exposure for the kids. It really feels great to be a part of ICMAS family.”
– Ms. Pooja Mahjan,


Myself Sneeha Raghavendra Rao, ICMAS distributor for Bangalore. I began my journey with ICMAS as a franchisee in 2009. It all started when I was searching for a right opportunity to utilize my free time. ICMAS provided me that right prospect. Madhuri madam was my first point of contact for ICMAS and she guided me well. Ujjwal sir was my mentor and was ever supporting and encouraging me, all these years. Whenever I face an issue either with my students or with my franchisees, he is there to guide and support me.
– Sneeha Rao

CI/ Distribtor-ICMAS, Bangalore

I, Monika Gupta, very delightful and obliged to be associated with ICMAS, Hyderabad. Its 4 years back when I have joined as a Franchisee of ICMAS in Panchkula. The ICMAS always be true to their words in these years. Initially I have only 2 students for first 6 months, Now I have strength of 25 students, and I have learnt a lot from ICMAS. The study material provided by ICMAS is also altogether different from others and is also very advanced which students told me when they join my class who completed some levels in other company. I get good support in training, books all the time whenever I require it. I am very happy to be part of ICMAS.
– Ms. Monika Gupta

I am Mrs. Ranjana S. Wanganekar. I had started my journey as a ICMAS instructor from 2006. I first started with a batch a of 10 students and now all the batches of various courses are full. It's a very good platform for the students to develop their brains. You can absolutely see the change in the students' learnability. The feedback from students and parents is always good. Also the support from ICMAS side is brilliant. Mr. Ujjwal Panda sir also has been helpful for entire decade of this journey. I thank ICMAS for generating this platform and also for maintaining it.
– Ms. Ranjana Wangnekar


My daughter, Anvita is learning ICMAS Abacus since a year. I found it a very useful and interesting method of teaching math. Along with the program, other discussions and brainstorming sessions help in overall learning as well as lightening the mood. This helps in keeping the child motivated. Students get lot of practice by solving papers apart from sums from books. It helps us identify our kids' potential and provides the discipline for daily practice. I am extremely thankful to Ms.Swati for providing a strong platform and motivating kids and helping us in reducing the fear of Math that most kids have. Keep up the great work and program. I wish you and your Academy great success and lot of happy moments with kids.
-Prachi Athale

Mother of Anvita

Goals & Others Functions


Our Goals

“Circuits in different regions of the Brain mature at different times. As a result, different circuits are most sensitive to life’s experience at different ages. Give yours children the stimulation they need it, and anything is possible.

  • Stimulate the right For Developing intelligence
  • Mental Calculation abilities & Whole Brain Development
  • Deep Conentraion Level
  • Long Memory Retention
  • Logical Ability
  • Affetive Observaton Skills
  • Listening Skills & Effective Memory Recall Capacity
  • Personality that can handle all kind of Challenges in life
  • All round Development Of childern

Why to take a Franchisee

  • Low investment- high profit
  • All materials provided by company
  • No investment for promotional material
  • No need of registration of your business
  • Business plan provided by company
  • Support by company to set up your own center
  • Stationaries,application book,receipt books,brand name all provided by company
  • No need to invest your full time
  • No need of wide range idea about the business as specialists from company will guide you

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