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If we learned one thing from the job market last couple of  years it’s that nobody’s coming to take care of our careers. We can’t wait for a big bailout, a massive economic turnaround or some miracle to grow  our paychecks. We’re each responsible for taking charge and making things happen for ourselves.

Among the workplace highlights of 2010: small businesses experienced the fastest growth in the private sector.

One of our big goals this year is to help more people launch and grow their own Franchisee. In fact, We are so passionate about this that after investing more than 11 years focused almost exclusively on helping people to start their own Franchisee and start a small scale business at their own place.

What is Franchisee

When people speak of franchises, they are usually referring to business format franchises. Such a franchise is essentially a business clone.The franchiser has developed a system for reproducing his business (often right down to the last detail). When you buy a franchise, you rent the franchiser’s trademark and method of doing business. The method of doing business involves a standardized approach to delivering a product or service.

Why to take franchisee instead of starting own business ?

  • Launching a start up business takes a tremendous amount of Time, Knowledge, Capital and Business knowledge.
  • The business owner must simultaneously be able to handle a wide range of responsibilities.
  • The risk of investment, failure & time management is always there.
  • Need  a lot of  initial and operating capital to set up of office, furnitures, peripherals

Why to take a Franchisee

  • Low investment- high profit
  • All materials provided by company
  • No investment for promotional material
  • No need of registration of your business
  • Business plan provided by company
  • Support by company to set up your own center
  • Stationaries,application book,receipt books,brand name all provided by company
  • No need to invest your full time
  • No need of wide range idea about the business as specialists from company will guide you

Business Partners

We invite enquiries from enterprising People, Who can make an effective investment for training kids aged between 4-14 years.

  • C & F AGENTS

ICMAS Franchisee Opportunity

Business Partners :India’s No-1 ABACUS training company invites below given enquiries from aspiring Business entrepreneur, Educational Managements, VRS People, Lady entrepreneur, School Teachers, Home tuition Centers etc. Who can make an effective investment for training kids aged between 4-14 years

Become An ICMAS Franchisee

Low investment- high profit

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