Goals & Others Functions


Our Goals

“Circuits in different regions of the Brain mature at different times. As a result, different circuits are most sensitive to life’s experience at different ages. Give yours children the stimulation they need it, and anything is possible.

  • Stimulate the right For Developing intelligence
  • Mental Calculation abilities & Whole Brain Development
  • Deep Conentraion Level
  • Long Memory Retention
  • Logical Ability
  • Affetive Observaton Skills
  • Listening Skills & Effective Memory Recall Capacity
  • Personality that can handle all kind of Challenges in life
  • All round Development Of childern

Advantages of Abacus

It help’s  the child to develop concentration, creativity, listening and comprehension skills so as to empower the process of 360 degrees brain development for normal children aged 4-14 .

  •  For enhancing mental calculation abilities among children through speed and accuracy and to remove the fear of mathematics for school going kids in order to make the process of learning enjoyable and fun loving.
  •  To enhance and attain lifetime skills such as Photographic Memory, Listening, Self-Confidence, Attentiveness, Imagination and aims to attain all-round academic proficiency.
  •  To  inculcate  the  habit of careful observation, sound reasoning, original thinking and optimum usage of multiple skills in children simultaneously.
  •  To recognize `Abacus’ the time-tested wonder tool for children -mastering its beads movements, computing methods using fingers, to  learn the  basic gesture and pose when computing the beads – that include sitting posture, positioning of arms, angle of fingers, holding of pen, distance between eyes and the numbers in addition to position of Abacus.
  • To  master  arithmetic  functions  like  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division correctly, proficiently and systematically.
  •  To significantly Enhance Imaging Skills  or Photographic Memory among children so that they discover their  lifetime skills by exploring and developing the human brain fully.
  •  To revolutionize child  education  in  India and create large-scale employment opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Why to take a Franchisee

  • Low investment- high profit
  • All materials provided by company
  • No investment for promotional material
  • No need of registration of your business
  • Business plan provided by company
  • Support by company to set up your own center
  • Stationaries,application book,receipt books,brand name all provided by company
  • No need to invest your full time
  • No need of wide range idea about the business as specialists from company will guide you

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Low investment- high profit

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