Brain Functions

Brain Functions Introduction

In Our Brain has left and right hemi-spheres. The left brain is the conventional brain and right brain is the base of intelligence. About 90% of us use only the left brain. But with ICMAS program children are trained to use their right brain more, resulting in a very effective performance in all their activities.

Left/Right Brain

In Left brain/Right brain theory-Traditional methods of teaching encourages us to move from one idea to the next in a linear,verbal, left brain .This type of learning limits our ability to see the big picture and make new connections. When we add techniques that engages the right brain, we easily maximize our learning and thought potential.

In Brain development by the use of Abacus is accepted worldwide & is practiced by children in China, Japan, Malaysia, UK, Taiwan, Canada Singapore, Indonesia & USA.

Goals & Others Functions


Our Goals

“Circuits in different regions of the Brain mature at different times. As a result, different circuits are most sensitive to life’s experience at different ages. Give yours children the stimulation they need it, and anything is possible.

  • Stimulate the right For Developing intelligence
  • Mental Calculation abilities & Whole Brain Development
  • Deep Conentraion Level
  • Long Memory Retention
  • Logical Ability
  • Affetive Observaton Skills
  • Listening Skills & Effective Memory Recall Capacity
  • Personality that can handle all kind of Challenges in life
  • All round Development Of childern

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